Riding bikes has been a passion of mine since I was old enough to ride a big wheel.  All the kids in the neighborhood had bikes and we rode them every day.  We would ride them to our friend's houses, we rode them to the store to buy candy, and we rode them in the woods and made jumps.  With our bikes we had fun and freedom.

Today, riding bikes is still a passion of mine.  I do a regular group ride and some races on and off road.  I have made many good friends on the bike.  The have a lot of fun on the bike and it keeps me from getting too fat.

While I was fortunate to always have a bike, I realize not every kid is as fortunate.  I would like all kids to have a chance to enjoy biking like I have.  For the past several years, during the Christmas holidays, I have been donating a bike to a local charity.  Now, I have started my own charity - Bikes for Tots Foundation.  Please help me provide more bikes to those less fortunate.

Please donate what you can. The kids (and me) will really appreciate it.

Bill MacBride
(850) 543-3458
Click to Donate Whole Bike ($80)
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If you would like to donate in person, please do so at Robin's Bikes and Fitness - Destin, FL